Food delivery services make way for Baltimore's first 'ghost kitchens'

Diners craving Korean eats from Haenyo can’t stroll into a storefront and sit down for a meal. But they can have the eatery’s rice bowls, dumplings and soups delivered to their doorsteps


New Korean pop-up dinner series to host first event in Canton

A new pop-up series will make its debut in Canton later this month.

Collin Morstein and Irvin Seo have teamed up to create Haenyo, a pop-up brand centered on Korean cuisine that will host a mix of ticketed pop-up dinners and informal events open to the public. The first event, Haenyo on the Square, is set for May 29 at Holy Crepe Cafe in Canton (2929 O’Donnell St.) more.


Seoul Searching: New Pop Up Introducers Diners to Traditional Korean Cooking

Since the age of 6, Irvin Seo has been helping his mother cook traditional Korean food in their family kitchen. A latchkey kid, he was the one his mom called from work to check on the soups simmering all day on the stove top, asking him to add a potato here and some chili paste more.


Open & Shut: Roggenart; Baltimore Whiskey Company; The Bygone

Local industry veterans Collin Morstein and Irvin Seo debuted this new Korean street food pop-up a few weeks ago at Holy Crepe Cafe in Canton. Next month, Haenyo is back at it with another one-night-only dinner on July 10 from 4-9 p.m., this time at Mt. Vernon's Cafe Andamiro. Inspired by the cafe's owner Keumran Yun, the locally sourced menu for Haenyo's second event will feature two traditional Korean chilled soups, as well as gimbap (Korean sushi rolls) and bossam—pork lettuce wraps with fermented condiments. 241 W. Chase more.

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A Korean Farm Food Pop Up Is Coming To West Philly

Baltimore-based Korean pop-up Haenyo is making the journey north to Philadelphia.

The itinerant outfit — named for the strong-willed women divers of Korea’s Jeju province — will take up residence at West Philly beer garden Pentridge Station from September 6th through more.


Roving Dinner Series Will Pop-Up in Fishtown

Haenyo, a traveling Korean dinner series out of Baltimore, is popping up in Fishtown at Girard Bruncherie. The BYO dinner will focus on savory Korean pancakes (jeon) and dishes that make use of local fall produce. Irvin Seo, who’s originally from Seoul, and Collin Morstein started the series last spring. They met working for Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen restaurant group before taking their cooking on the more.

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Haenyo Pop Up Takes Over PekoPeko Ramen

Pop-up Korean restaurant co-founded by Hopkins alum takes over Charles Village storefront.

Haenyo—perhaps the closest thing the world has to real-life mermaids—are a dwindling group of women divers, or "sea women," who exist in Korea. They free-dive for sea flora and mollusks, traditionally without the help of oxygen masks. While holding their breath for more than two minutes, these remarkable women serve as the breadwinners of their households, in an occupation that was once male-dominated and may soon cease to exist more


Baltimore-Based Korean Pop-Up Haenyo Swings Through New York This Week

Baltimore-based pop-up Haenyo has been bringing the very best Maryland harvest cooked in the Korean tradition to choice restaurants in Philly, DC and Baltimore for the past few years—and this week, they're bringing their unique take on Korean classics to Brooklyn for the first time. Egg, specifically.